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Anal Sex Guide

Guide to Anal Sex

Anal sex can be an extremely enjoyable sex act for both men and women, but it is often thought of as being ‘dirty.’ Even today it is somewhat of a taboo and even illegal in some countries! With just a few basic tips to guide you, nothing is stopping you from exploring this fantastic sexual activity, so read on to find out what you need to do…

Anal Sex – Getting Started

There is a good chance that the lady in your life is quite worried about anal sex. She may think that she will not enjoy it or it will be painful. She may have even tried it before and not enjoyed it. This is why you need to reassure her that you will take everything very slowly and that she can stop at any time if she is uncomfortable. Start off by taking a shower together to prepare for the fun ahead. This will help both of you relax.
Anal Sex Lubricant Launcher

Getting Lubricated

This is where the fun begins. Get some good quality lubrication and start massaging it around her anus and vagina. She will love this, and it makes for great foreplay. Then she can return the favor by assaging your penis with lubrication. Take your time and enjoy this stage. When you are ready to move on it is important that you penetrate the anus slowly. Use one finger and insert it slowly. Make sure she is comfortable before you move on.

Full Penetration

When you are both ready, you can finally begin introducing the penis. Make sure you apply extra lubrication if necessary and take everything very SLOW. You can now begin stimulating other areas such as the clitoris and breasts. You now have the possibility of inducing an anal orgasm and clitoral orgasm at the same time. If you can do this, then it will probably be the best sex she has ever had!

How to have Amazing Anal Sex:

People may be familiar of the idea of having amazing anal sex but guess what; the truth is it can feel surprised if done properly. Here is some guide to anal sex:
Tip #1: Lube but not too much of it. A silicone anal toys lubricant would be the best for amazing backdoor vex because it won’t dry out fast. It only takes a small amount of silicone based lube, and you will be lubricated for hours!

Tip #2: Get the guy to use his tongue first! Only if he is willing though because a slow progression into amazing anal sex works best for women! By using his tongue to push inside your anus first, it could strike a really good sensation various to which clitoral relief or vagina penetration.

Tip #3: Be in charge! The woman should be in charge of telling the man what to do. Your man should listen when to push deeper inside or how hard he can go according to what you can handle. This is the most important for first-timers.

Tip #4: After play. This is important, especially for men to do it to women. Men have to show that they deeply appreciate the woman going to that length for them which displays a clear level of affection as anal sex is considered to be ‘something special.’ By hugging her or kissing her, you will raise the level of comfort and make her realize that it was all worth it!

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