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what is a cock cage and how does it work?

Male chastity is about locking up your penis. It is cage designed to prevent you from engaging in sex or even erection. The cagealso prevents you from masturbating or experiencing orgasm. It is literally a lock. There are various options; key and padlock on steel cage or number codes on a plastic cage. In most cases the key holder is a romantic partner and there is no way to access your penis in the partner’s absence.

Men react differently to this; some fell deprived of freedom while some get excited. To some men, it is like being told “wear this shirt.” The fact that a partner is in control of your body brings the excitement. According to some people, orgasm restriction increases sex drive and enhances your focus.

The key holder has full responsibility over the wearer’s sexual desires and actions. Of course, there is little discomfort with wearing the cage. It cannot be the same as natural. However, people get used to it after few days. Still, the wearer should be careful in positioning of the cage to avoid any injury. In case of an emergency where the key holder is far away, a bolt cutter is used. It is not an interesting experience.

How to wear a cock cage

To fit the cock cage, the penis is inserted in a tube-like structure while the testicles are secured by a ring and then locked together. There are different designs of cages; most come with a manual with specific instructions and safety precautions.

While it is interesting to control someone’s sex and orgasms, it should be within certain limits. Priority should be on the emotions, physical, and emotional needs of the wearer to avoid any relating harm to the body.

To protect the wearer against damage, silicone lubricant is applied on a daily basis to reduce friction and discomfort with wearing the plastic or steel. Also, prostate milking and masturbation should be initiated occasionally to maintain the man’s health. It is important to relieve the man’s sexual desires, especially after long periods of tease and sexual excitement.

Is a cock cage comfortable?

Obviously, you will feel the discomfort the first time. It takes a while to be used to the cage; it affects both the physical and mental state of the wearer. After getting used to the cage, it can get too comfortable to the level of heightening arousals. It feels like someone caressing your penis throughout the day. It is a cuddle while in lock.

Unlike most people imagine, erections are not as painful. It is a nice erotic pain.

Nevertheless, we can’t hide from the fact that wearing a cuckold denies you the natural and full sexual sensation.

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Benefits of using a cock cage

When you hear the word cock cage, what comes to your mind? Are you thinking about a cage designed for a male chicken which is known as a cock? Well that is not what cock cage means or what we are referring to in this case. Some of you might just be hearing this for the first time or must have heard it but do not know what it is. Do not worry; this piece is aimed at shedding more light on it so you will grab reasonable knowledge if you read through this article.

The cock cage in question is the one use for sexual activities. It can also be referred to as male chastity cage and may be used as part of a practice of orgasm control, to prevent the wearer from engaging principally in sexual intercourse without the concern of the so called keyholder who acts as the dominant. It can prevent a man from getting an erection and therefore controls his ability to masturbate or have sex and orgasms. It is mostly used as a device used to fulfill the desires of those with a fetish for chastity and orgasm control in men.

Over the years, cock cages have quickly become an important part of many marriages and long-term relationships. It is so popular to the extent that most people around are practicing it without you knowing it. These cock cages are either made of metal or plastic and can be locked with a padlock and key. The keyholder is the bearer of the key to the padlock and this can be anyone close, maybe the second partner in a relationship or the wife.

These cock cages can be very essential and useful to those who practice BDSM (bondage, dominance and submission). Male chastity is not just for fun and games, there are real benefits to the male chastity lifestyle. The following are the benefits that are obtained from using a cock cage, they are as follows;

Reduction in masturbation

Once your man can masturbate, it is believed that he has cheated on you psychologically. You can stop him from wasting his time and libido masturbating by deploying the use of a cock cage. As long as he is a relationship with you, anything related to sexual urge and energy should be channeled towards you. This will restrict him from touching himself and thinking of other women in the process. 

Stronger bond between partners

The use of cock cage can bring about a more open and honest communication between partners. This will make the relationship stronger and develop genuine trust among partners. It can be a great benefit for a couple and increase their natural bond.

Improved romance

The romance will come back into your relationship. If you are a woman who loves romance and you are not getting it from your man because he is so used to having sex with you whenever he wants. Using a cock cage can train him to be a more romantic lover because in a way it will limit his sexual access to you and you will be in control. 

Helps a man build self-control and self esteem

A man who is able to control his libido urge will feel better about himself. Most men are ashamed that they masturbate so often and this develops low self esteem in them since they are slaves to their libido and can’t help themselves, and with time this develops to an addiction which worries some men. Mostly it makes them feel like little boys who can’t control themselves. Once a man can resist the temptation to masturbate by having his partner place a male chastity on him, he’ll feel proud of his self-control and behave more like a grown-up man who releases his sexuality into his partner, instead of a tissue or into a toilet.

Orgasm improvement

When a man masturbates regularly, he is taking action that desensitizes his penis and reduces his level of orgasm. Once a normal ejaculation schedule is being implemented with the help of a cock cage, the penis will become more sensitive and his orgasms will become stronger than before. This will spice up the sex experience of both parties.

Assistance in the house

If you place your husband under the influence of a cock cage, you will notice some changes in his behavior around the house. He’ll become much more helpful around the house, offering unprompted assistance the house chores without any need to nag or scold. This is due to the fact that the only way he can get the release his body craves so badly is by pleasing you. Sometimes you can find yourself in situations whereby he’ll actually volunteer to do the dishes, clean the bathroom and make the bed every morning. You can see the power of holding a man’s sex drive in your hands.

Peace of mind for the keyholder

The keyholder’s mind can be at peace from thoughts of her man cheating or watching pornography whenever she is not around. She knows that anything related to the sexual desire of her man all lies in her hands and this way you can actually place your focus on others things of life instead of trying to figure out where your man has been all night.

The following points listed above are benefits of using a cock cage. This should be a mutual decision that will be made by both partners, if this is forced on the man, the full benefits of this lovely exercise will not be enjoyed by both parties.

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Cock cages, Cuckolding & Male Chastity

Cock Cages & Cuckolds

Who has sex?

It can be the husband in the case of a homosexual or heterosexual relationship, but it is much less frequent. The wife is often referred to as a slut or slutwife; that depends on each couple and is optional according to personal tastes. In this type of relationship-game, the wife usually adopts a dominant-active position towards their husbands and a passive-submissive towards the bull.


This is the name of the person who is going to have sex with the Wife, although there are also those who simply send text messages, have a few drinks or dress the husband as a woman between them.


It is called the husband or wife in very few cases. He always goes in a chastity belt when his wife is going to have sex with others or in a more constant and discontinuous way. His role is none other than to satisfy his partner in all areas except the sexual. Among these tasks, the husband is often forced to dress as a woman or perform oral sex on the corneador.

As much as it seems impossible, the imposed of horns is a sexual game that both in the couple have accepted and that increasingly gathers a large number of people. The idea of a woman-husband / boyfriend-girlfriend collides in which, mostly, they do not have sex with each other but it does excite them.

Why Male Chastity Devices And Cock Cages?

The advantage of prolonged use of the cage is that the penis achieves a good erection after release. The erections, which could be slow and long in the future, are now multi-annual and almost instantaneous. Long-term abstinence obviously results in an increase in desire and will necessarily be much more passionate on any occasion was given to him, the more passionate as opportunities are rare.

Asylum 6 Ring Locking Chastity CageThe longer use of the cage allows for powerful and high-quality erections.
An imprisoned man is therefore much more in love, much more desire for his lady. This leads to light and powerful erections that increase the quality of sexual intercourse. On the mental level, the man is more attentive and wants to make his wife absolutely happy.

You are less focused on your single pleasure and are more like your partner’s. He is also tender and tends to say sweet words. There is no doubt that he gives his wife some gratitude for the release, a recognition that shows this by the increase of sexual and sentimental achievements.

Having a man in a cage does not mean that the woman is resting on her laurels, with the certainty that he will remain faithful to her. Certainly, his faithfulness is attained. But it would be a very poor woman to regard the cage as an instrument of restraint that allows the companion to calm down and ignore the neglect of the couple. I would even say that with the couple’s cage even more important, the woman knows how to give her husband an attractive look.

Because she also shows respect and love to present a pleasant, feminine and seductive image every day. It’s a bit like saying, you see, you have committed yourself with absolute fidelity, so I’ll give you my best, for you and only for you, I’ll always be beautiful and desirable. Therefore, by her mere presence, her mere appearance, she upholds her husband’s desire and is certain that each of her publications will be a holiday for both of them.

Enforcing Cuckold Chastity Requires Hardware

Our range of chastity items is offered from beginner to advanced types, such as pegging dildos, cock cages, and restraints. For those who want to experiment with this popular fetish, we have many options to meet your specific needs. Experience how your partner controls your sexual satisfaction with one of our effective chastity belts. This guide gives a brief insight into the practice.

How Does Cuckold Chastity Device Work?

As we have been doing for a long time, we will show you some cuckold devices that are actually an increasingly famous device called chastity cage or other types, which are the evolution of the old male chastity devices. As it could not be otherwise in current times there are different colors, shapes, and designs.

The Cock Cage

Male chastity consists of enclosing the penis in a cage chiefly calculated to stop you from having complete erections or perhaps using peeing to have sex. While you actually have it on, you won’t be able to masturbate or maybe have orgasms, and also only the very individual that keeps your key can truly take the device away from your penis. One would believe that just any man out there out is afraid of hearing this right now, but that is not the case: there are also men folks who groan with interest.

Being in a cage for some time can be tremendously exciting as well as satisfying. Some persons state that the denial of your orgasm boosts sexual hunger and then enhances focus. It as well improves the relationship between the dominant and the submissive.

My Experience With Some Of The Devices

I tried the Caged Tiger Cock Cage that completely encased my cock in a rigid cage. I’m better without complications like I was made to believe. For example, I also bought a good metal cage type, which truly looks just like a great set of rings linked together. I can employ this device as long as I want without being irritated.

How Much Is The Most I’ve Used A Device?

Four days, which is little compared to other men I know. I do not have a person who keeps my key, and neither steady partner out there. My advice for those who want to try one of these devices is to ask their friends how they work or check for some reviews before you buy one.

Finally, use the device a couple of days and look for someone to keep your key. The keeper of your device key has to remove it once in a while (5-7) to actually clean it and make sure the cuckold chastity device don’t have rashes or perhaps such things on the genitals.

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Inflatable dildos & Inflatable Sex toys

Mack Tuff Vibrating Inflatable Enforcer

Inflatable dildos are a great addition to the world of adult toys and sexual aides can be a mysterious place. Your body is wired to be constantly pushing itself, checking out new feelings and expanding after its boundaries. It’s no marvel then that folks find themselves discovering their sexuality through various intimate acts. Genital or anal stretching is one of those acts. The action itself can be carried out through several ways, steadily using larger gadgets or items, fisting, or inflatable adult toys. Now, your body may take extreme pressure, but it can have to be done securely and slowly. This site will not only go through the world of inflatable adult toys, but also the psychology behind why people constantly seek to force both their thoughts and their body to places which it hasn’t been before. Further, we will explore the security concerns of the action of genital and anal extending through large toys and inflatable adult toys. Now before you freak out, I’m not expressing that the intimate practice is unsafe, however, much like anything it could be done un-safely causing irreparable damage to your body. The old adage stands true, if it hurts – stop.

We will also go through the various sorts of lubricants which you can use when stretches, as well as the benefits associated with Inflatable sex toys although you may don’t like the idea of stretching out. Inflatable adult toys can even be useful in supporting muscle control, even post-surgery, or obtaining sexual stimulation with techniques not felt before. Think about it, if you have very limited muscle control, you can either:

A) Train muscle tissue to have the ability to handle something large – even if that’s a little larger than normal without moving beyond your comfort levels. Maybe you’ve been with a man that which has a three in . girth and you’re now with a man which has a 4 inch girth. Inflatable dildos can safely, and painlessly, boost your muscle capacity so that you’re not in too much pain during sex. We likewise have a page that will give you some handy tips how to deal with cocks that are big so you find them painful to have sexual intercourse with. The techniques from this site will also help you with working with big playthings.

Now, what exactly are inflatable dildos?

Inflatable dildos are a popular, adaptable, and functional sex toy. An inflatable dildo is perfect for the average person who hopes to encounter the feeling of experiencing their vagina or anus totally loaded. Inflatable dildos are a helpful device for the take action of anal planning – including for interacting with dicks and playthings that are just a little larger than normal. It takes under consideration comfortable insertion and afterward the ongoing stretching of the muscles – it offers a low risk exercise for the muscles can help them handle extreme situations. Instead of going in frosty and mailing the muscle into great shock, this will provide a simple and safe warm-up for the muscles to minimise risk.

An inflatable dildo may be used in the same way as a normal dildo. The difference is self-explanatory – an inflatable dildo can be inflated and pumped up and then found in its engorged state. Apart from this, it’s equivalent to any other dick toy, dildo, double ender or anything among. You just pump in just a little air, watch it grow and see the change from normal to amazing in a matter of seconds. Now that I type that and consider it, it’s virtually the exact same principle as seeing a cock harden. Interesting.

Inflatable dildos, exactly like every other insertable masturbator, have to be well lubricated previous to insertion to prevent harm to the fragile internal tissue. A big part of the inflatable dildos are produced using elastic and a great silicone lubricant will help facilitate the process and create some fantastic and wonderful moments when playing with this type of toy. Over the off chance that your inflatable dildo has a fleshy, smooth and skin like appearance you may need to check the materials make-up of the toy. When your inflatable dildo has silicone, UR3, or various other cyber epidermis material, you will need to usewater structured lubricant. If you use a silicone lube on the silicone toy, you risk injury to the toy. Silicone lubricants on solid silicone can cause the silicone to break down or melt. This may harm the toy leading to it needed to be replaced.

Inflatable dildos | Inflatable Penis - 11" - BlackUsing an inflatable dildo for your vagina is exceptionally straightforward. Apply a little of lubricant to the uninflated dildo, slip it delicately in to the vagina, and begin pumping the dildo for t to get bigger until you feel satisfied or until your side gets worn out whichever occasion happens first. Within the off chance that you will be not flying single and you intend to let your playmate decide the amount of dildo pumping you may take, follow the same steps and have your playmate pump the knob that is became a member of to the inflatable dildo. You need to be aware that your playmate will never be able to inform how much pressure is being applied, so work out a signal that you can use if you wish them to avoid inflating. However, they must be taking it quite slow, and watching your face and reactions. Some individuals cannot read faces or are too distracted in as soon as, so it’s better to have a sign ready in the event.

Inflatable dildos might likewise be utilized for anal stimulation. To use them along these lines, you need to use a whole lot of lubricant. You must seriously think about using a lubricant syringe to fill your rectum with the slippery products to facilitate the insertion and removal technique. Anal use of inflatable dildo requires a bit more time and prep in order never to send the muscles into distress. Unwind the sphincter muscle by way of a back again rub or other unique stimulation. Place the uninflated and incredibly lubed up inflatable dildo against your ass and little by little and press until it enters you. If you feel stress, stop for a minute and relax the muscles, when you are feeling great, push the inflatable dildo in slightly more. When you yourself have received the dildo inside you sufficiently deep enough to feel satisfied or if the toy has run out of room, you might start pumping it until it fills you to definitely the point of ecstasy. You might decide to bring you to ultimately climax with it full, or you might spend some time pumping it up and down. Within the off chance that you are feeling too full or in pain, expel a tiny amount of air from the dildo until it is the right size again.

There are many distinct sorts of inflatable insertable toys available. The inflatable dildo is merely one of these – you can get inflatable electro dildos and inflatable plugs. If you decide you love inflatable sex toys – it might be smart to pick up a few unique playthings!