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Inflatable dildos & Inflatable Sex toys

Mack Tuff Vibrating Inflatable Enforcer

Inflatable dildos are a great addition to the world of adult toys and sexual aides can be a mysterious place. Your body is wired to be constantly pushing itself, checking out new feelings and expanding after its boundaries. It’s no marvel then that folks find themselves discovering their sexuality through various intimate acts. Genital or anal stretching is one of those acts. The action itself can be carried out through several ways, steadily using larger gadgets or items, fisting, or inflatable adult toys. Now, your body may take extreme pressure, but it can have to be done securely and slowly. This site will not only go through the world of inflatable adult toys, but also the psychology behind why people constantly seek to force both their thoughts and their body to places which it hasn’t been before. Further, we will explore the security concerns of the action of genital and anal extending through large toys and inflatable adult toys. Now before you freak out, I’m not expressing that the intimate practice is unsafe, however, much like anything it could be done un-safely causing irreparable damage to your body. The old adage stands true, if it hurts – stop.

We will also go through the various sorts of lubricants which you can use when stretches, as well as the benefits associated with Inflatable sex toys although you may don’t like the idea of stretching out. Inflatable adult toys can even be useful in supporting muscle control, even post-surgery, or obtaining sexual stimulation with techniques not felt before. Think about it, if you have very limited muscle control, you can either:

A) Train muscle tissue to have the ability to handle something large – even if that’s a little larger than normal without moving beyond your comfort levels. Maybe you’ve been with a man that which has a three in . girth and you’re now with a man which has a 4 inch girth. Inflatable dildos can safely, and painlessly, boost your muscle capacity so that you’re not in too much pain during sex. We likewise have a page that will give you some handy tips how to deal with cocks that are big so you find them painful to have sexual intercourse with. The techniques from this site will also help you with working with big playthings.

Now, what exactly are inflatable dildos?

Inflatable dildos are a popular, adaptable, and functional sex toy. An inflatable dildo is perfect for the average person who hopes to encounter the feeling of experiencing their vagina or anus totally loaded. Inflatable dildos are a helpful device for the take action of anal planning – including for interacting with dicks and playthings that are just a little larger than normal. It takes under consideration comfortable insertion and afterward the ongoing stretching of the muscles – it offers a low risk exercise for the muscles can help them handle extreme situations. Instead of going in frosty and mailing the muscle into great shock, this will provide a simple and safe warm-up for the muscles to minimise risk.

An inflatable dildo may be used in the same way as a normal dildo. The difference is self-explanatory – an inflatable dildo can be inflated and pumped up and then found in its engorged state. Apart from this, it’s equivalent to any other dick toy, dildo, double ender or anything among. You just pump in just a little air, watch it grow and see the change from normal to amazing in a matter of seconds. Now that I type that and consider it, it’s virtually the exact same principle as seeing a cock harden. Interesting.

Inflatable dildos, exactly like every other insertable masturbator, have to be well lubricated previous to insertion to prevent harm to the fragile internal tissue. A big part of the inflatable dildos are produced using elastic and a great silicone lubricant will help facilitate the process and create some fantastic and wonderful moments when playing with this type of toy. Over the off chance that your inflatable dildo has a fleshy, smooth and skin like appearance you may need to check the materials make-up of the toy. When your inflatable dildo has silicone, UR3, or various other cyber epidermis material, you will need to usewater structured lubricant. If you use a silicone lube on the silicone toy, you risk injury to the toy. Silicone lubricants on solid silicone can cause the silicone to break down or melt. This may harm the toy leading to it needed to be replaced.

Inflatable dildos | Inflatable Penis - 11" - BlackUsing an inflatable dildo for your vagina is exceptionally straightforward. Apply a little of lubricant to the uninflated dildo, slip it delicately in to the vagina, and begin pumping the dildo for t to get bigger until you feel satisfied or until your side gets worn out whichever occasion happens first. Within the off chance that you will be not flying single and you intend to let your playmate decide the amount of dildo pumping you may take, follow the same steps and have your playmate pump the knob that is became a member of to the inflatable dildo. You need to be aware that your playmate will never be able to inform how much pressure is being applied, so work out a signal that you can use if you wish them to avoid inflating. However, they must be taking it quite slow, and watching your face and reactions. Some individuals cannot read faces or are too distracted in as soon as, so it’s better to have a sign ready in the event.

Inflatable dildos might likewise be utilized for anal stimulation. To use them along these lines, you need to use a whole lot of lubricant. You must seriously think about using a lubricant syringe to fill your rectum with the slippery products to facilitate the insertion and removal technique. Anal use of inflatable dildo requires a bit more time and prep in order never to send the muscles into distress. Unwind the sphincter muscle by way of a back again rub or other unique stimulation. Place the uninflated and incredibly lubed up inflatable dildo against your ass and little by little and press until it enters you. If you feel stress, stop for a minute and relax the muscles, when you are feeling great, push the inflatable dildo in slightly more. When you yourself have received the dildo inside you sufficiently deep enough to feel satisfied or if the toy has run out of room, you might start pumping it until it fills you to definitely the point of ecstasy. You might decide to bring you to ultimately climax with it full, or you might spend some time pumping it up and down. Within the off chance that you are feeling too full or in pain, expel a tiny amount of air from the dildo until it is the right size again.

There are many distinct sorts of inflatable insertable toys available. The inflatable dildo is merely one of these – you can get inflatable electro dildos and inflatable plugs. If you decide you love inflatable sex toys – it might be smart to pick up a few unique playthings!

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Dildos! Where to start?

Choosing a dildo


Girth-the circumference of an toy- is the initial thing you should think about. If you’ve never owned a dildo before, a good way to know what girth will work for you is to consider how many hands you like and are comfortable with inside you. Within a store, you can hold your hands up to potential dildos to see what will work with your comfort/pleasure zone. If you don’t get access to a store and are doing your research online, just strategy your preferred finger amount with a tape strategy and then use the exact measurement to know what your very best dildo fit is!

Shape and Length

Condition is also very important to your experience with your dildo! Would you like a dildo specifically to excite your g-zone or prostate? Are you currently buying a reasonable dildo or something more/less phallic? There are many forms out there that you can explore!

Curved toys are ideal for g- and p-spot stimulation. Toys with any sort of brain or ball by the end are excellent for g-spot play, especially if they are quite firm. If considering an authentic dildo, a far more pronounced corona (the ridge between your brain and shaft), will also bring about increased g-spot stimulation. Textured toys put in a increased sense of fullness but may be too powerful for anal play, specifically for a first time customer, so keep that at heart. For all those buying a non-realistic toy, there are several fun options. Some playthings are phallic, while others are made to look like hands or are totally organic and natural in shape.

Length is vital too. Do you prefer deeper penetration, or are you looking for something just a little less intense? Remember that a too-long toy doesn’t need to be inserted completely in, but a too-short toy won’t get any more, so when contemplating length, err on the side of too much time.


Dildos are also available in a lot of materials. Silicone is a superb first dildo materials as it is not hard to sterilize, so that it is great for use with a partner or between lovers! Additionally it is soft and more life-like than a great many other materials.

If you’re looking for something a little more firm, glass, acrylic, and stainless are all great options. They work especially well for folks looking to explore the world of female ejaculation, as the harder playthings add extra g-spot arousal. Also, they are easy to clean and sterilize and tend to be more ornamental than silicon dildos!


Though traditional dildos don’t vibrate, some come with a place to insert a bullet vibe for extra oomph! Consider whether this is something you may want and recognize that, because it gets the vibrating feature, you don’t have to use it every time.

Where/How WILL YOU Use It?

If you’re ever going to use your dildo anally, make sure they have a wide bottom (also called a flange) such that it doesn’t get sucked up into the rectum, leading to an awkward visit to the ER. A base is also important if you intend to use your dildo with a funnel, as it contains the toy in the harness, making penetration possible. Remember that whenever a toy is placed into a funnel, a tiny amount of the dildo’s size (about an in . . 5 to a complete inch) will be taken up by the funnel and for that reason can’t be utilized to penetrate.

Much like dildos, there are several things to consider when choosing a funnel: materials, style and size. Strap style harnesses – each one or two strap – offer lots of control and access to the wearer’s genitals during play. Quick style harnesses look and feel similar to underwear and are incredibly comfortable, nevertheless they also limit genital gain access to. Thigh and hands funnel offer another option to the people who don’t want to wear a harness around their hips.


Color is the last thing you want to consider when you pick out your first dildo. Would you like a flesh-toned dildo, or a glowing purple one? Would you prefer one that suits the overall color structure of the others of your sex toys, or the one which is somewhat more untamed? Silly as it may seem, color gets the potential to carefully turn you on or off and there are so many possibilities out there – green, inexperienced, sparkly, rainbow, black – so be sure to choose whatever color feels sexiest for you


One final thing to consider: lube makes play fun, sexy, and slippery. As silicone lube often bonds to silicone toys and ruins them, we recommend a good water-based or cross lube if you decide on a silicon dildo. For other materials (a glass, stainless, acrylic), you can go untamed with whatever lube your center (and genitals) desire!

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Beginner’s Bondage & Sex Toys

Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire Advanced Couples Kit

A beginners guide to bondage and sex toys

If you’re one of the many people who looks at sex shop site categories and becomes overwhelmed, you’re not alone. There are so many toys, tools and terms that understanding the purpose of some of the equipment can take considerable effort.
Here are some of the definitions to our bondage categories to help provide you with some insight!

Ball Gag

A ball gag designed to muffle the wearer. Usually strapped around or over the head with a rubber ball that sits inside the wearer’s lips and teeth. This is to give a sense of submission. Because the wearer can not talk, the wearer has to become more creative with communication and their partner better at understanding their lover’s requirements during play. Gags usually do not impede breathing but there are some out there. So, start off small, become comfortable , then upgrade!
Other types of gags include bits, hooks, rings and ratchets. (make links?)

Bedroom Bondage Kit

Cheaper and often better solutions for beginner bondage scenarios. These kits are usually marketed towards beginners as they generally include a pair of ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, a blindfold and some form of whip, flogger or paddle. That’s not to say these kits don’t not come with some form of other bondage gear. Here at Kink Castle we custom create bondage kits or run specials that will include items you won’t often find in commercial kits. Such as (kink castle starter bondage kit?)
These kits can be wonderful way of cheaply building up your bondage collection.

Blind fold

Blind folds prevent the wearer from seeing anything, leaving them to rely on other senses. They can be styled in a classic sleep mask or as a simple scarf that requires tying.
Since the wears sight is restricted, this can increase sensitivity to touch, taste, smell and sound. Blind folds can also increase the confidence of the wearer as they find themselves to be less self conscious and more open to experimentation.

Bondage candle

Bondage candles are specifically designed with a lower melting point than standard household candles, allowing you to experiment with wax play at a safe temperature. Some bondage candles contain nourishing oils that make for a great massage after wax play, also great for the skin!
Bondage candles are great for psychological play as the recipient be expecting a hot burn and not a warm sensation. Please do not use house candles on your first time.

Bondage hood

A bondage hood is not the same as a blindfold. These hoods can cover half the head and face or all of it. Since these tend to cover more of the wearers face, it makes for great sensory deprivation play.
They come in different styles for different purposes, some without mouth, nose or eye holes, some completely made out of cloth and some have in built in gags.

Bondage rope and tape

Bondage rope is usually made from silk to be gentle on the skin and flexible for when tying up a lover. Since they’re usually made from silk, intricate knots are easily tied and can be undone by the person doing the binding.
Bondage tape designed specifically to use on a person to bind them or to create clothing. It is self adhesive, offering a skin-safe alternative to other tapes but do try a test patch on bare skin first to avoid reactions.

Chastity device

These devices are fitted over the genitalia to prohibit sexual function or access.
Some of these are worn for visual effect but many of them will permit long term wear by the user, allowing bodily functions whilst still preventing all sexual contact.

Clitoral clamp (clit clamp)

These can be found in various forms, either a charm that hangs from the clitoral hood or a small device that clamps directly onto the clitoris. This results in a mixture of pleasure and pain from the movement of the hanging device. The pain caused by a clit clamp is more of a long numbing pain, like with the pussy pump, it creates great sexual arousal. Clit clamps can cause enlargement of the clitoris which can greatly increase pleasure once the device is off.

Cock cage and cock strap

Often used for role play, some of these can be used as a cock ring which offers better stimulation for your lover and gives a lasting erection for the wearer. Some cock cages and straps are used to stretch or temporarily deform the appearance of the penis and scrotum. This can causing a numbing pain that leads to the penis or scrotum being overly sensitive for greater pleasure.

Collar and Lead

The collar alone is often a symbol of ownership, though many wear collars as decorative pieces now. Some collars feature lockable buckles which prevent removal by anyone that doesn’t have the key, giving the feeling of helpless or being owned. Many collars are fitted with a ring which allows a lead or harness to be attached. From there, the user can control the wearer by moving them around using the lead or bind them down.

Electro sex toys

Electro sex toys use electricity as a stimulus, weather it be for pain or pleasure. These electro sex toys give off a sensation similar to vibrations deep within skin. Levels are variable so also start off low and work your way up. Weather you want low on going stimulation or intense small shocks. These toys come with many attachments with everything from butt plugs, dildos, bullet vibrators, gloves , spanking paddles, nipple clamps and many more!

Feather tickler

Feather ticklers are often used for foreplay to heighten senses and cause a sense of anticipation for sexual contact. The feeling of feather gently and softly over the skin excites the nerve endings generally causing goosebumps and making the area temporarily sensitive to touch.


A flogger is brilliant during foreplay, just run the fronds up and down your lovers skin, then whip! Since a flogger has serval surfaces which hit roughly at the same time, the force of the hit is spread out over a large area making it less painful than a whip.


Handcuffs are another great form of restraint. They are usually made of metal to form the standard police restraint, with a chain. However there are many more styles on the market! Some are made from leather and have soft fur on the inside to make the restraint more comfortable for a long period of time and some are made interchangeable so thy can be worn around the ankles and aches to a post.

Bondage Mask

Most masks are worn to conceal the identity of the wearer and transform the appearance of the wear for mystery. You’ll find these being worn at most swinger parties and fetish events to avoid being recognised, especially with film and photos being so easy access at the ready

Medical fetish

This is a term that can incorporate anything considered to be medical in nature. These can include but are not restricted to adult incontinence, gynaecological equipment, dental ratchets, douches, syringes, needles, pinwheels, piercing clamps, latex gloves, proctoscopes, forceps, urethral sounds and cupping sets plus anything you can imagine!

Nipple clamps and nipple suckers/pumps

Nipple suckers or nipple clamps work by clipping onto and hanging off the nipple or using some sort of sickroom device to suck onto the nipple and pull. These will cause a slight ongoing pain that causes numbness to the nipple which will increase sensitivity for a more pleasurable experience. You can also purchase vibrating nipple clamps which will enhance the sensation further by the ongoing vibrations.

Sex machine

Sex machines are usually electrical in design and are designed to simulate thrusting movements to allow penetrative sex as they would with a partner. The great thing about sex machines is that you can change the settings of the thrusting to something otherworldly!

Spanking paddle

A spanking paddle is flat with a hand, found with varied textures and can be electrical. Varied textures cause different sensations, most made from leather to be softer on the skin and provides an audible thwack.


A whip is usually a thin, singular surface that will cause pain. Whips come in all different lengths, shapes and some may have something attached to the end (like a riding crop). These are designed to inflict pain, as the sting left over is much sharper than a paddle or a flogger.

Wrist restraints and ankle restraints

These restraints can be worn in many different ways and are probably these best item for a beginner wanting to be restrained. Most are made from satin or silk for comfortability whilst being restrained for a long period of time. Made for wrist to neck, wrist to ankle, wrist to neck, the variations are endless!

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Why use a pussy pump?

Vaginal Pump and Cup Set

Why use a pussy pump?

I see a lot of questions asked about them on the internet, from women and men who are interested in using a pussy pump on their partners but are feeling unsure how to begin. Here’s a little guide to help understanding how to use a pussy pump and how they can benefit

There are a few reasons. The main ones are the “looks” and “feel”. Some people are attracted to the swollen, plump appearance of the vulva. Others enjoy the sensations, both during and afterwards when the whole area feels more sensitive to the touch. Some are looking for a “tighter vagina” sensation and there are some who get a kick out of using pussy pumps for BDSM play. It also can help to achieve great orgasms if you’re experiencing difficulty.

Pussy Pump / Cunt pump vagina pump Cup Set

Is it important to take some measurements and buy a pump that fits?

Getting the right cup that fits you or your partner is important. To measure yourself, measure from just above the top of your clitoral shaft, right down to your perineum (below the vaginal entrance). You probably wont find an exact fit, but try to find a pussy pump with a cup that most closely resembles your measurements.

When the cup is too large, pain follows!

Cups that are too large will start to cover your anus. This means that every time you “pump” it sucks harshly at the very delicate skin around your anus and will start to cause pain. Once you start pumping, you cannot move the cup, you’ll need to release it. In general, cups that are too large are just painful and not fun for beginners.

When the cup is too small, disappointment!

Cups that are too small are simply disappointing. If the cup of the pussy pump is too small, you won’t achieve a nice pump to create the sensitivity (or pain) desired. Sometimes one might assume they’re “petit” and buy a pussy pump with a small cup only to find after two pumps, the cup to be full.

How do you use a pussy pump?

Before you begin:
Remove the hair on your bikini line, where the cup will sit.
Buy some lube. This isn’t a requirement but running some lube around the edges of the cup and onto your skin where the cup will sit, can really help you to get a better seal during use.

Set aside plenty of time.

A pussy pumping session generally takes time. Especially if you are looking for that pumped look. How long it takes depends on the person and rushing it will only cause pain or damage.

Getting started

Have the top of the cup resting on your pubic mound and make sure that the bottom of the cup is covering the vaginal entrance and is resting somewhere on the perineum.
Once in place, apply pressure to the cup making it airtight for the pump.
Once this pressure is applied, squeeze the bulb and gently release it. If you are in the correct place, you will notice your labia and clitoris being sucked into the cup. If a seal wasn’t created, move the cup slightly and repeat the process of applying pressure and squeezing gently.
If you are using a pussy pump on your partner and have any doubts, pass the cup or bulb to her.

Important things to remember when using a pussy pump:

The suction effect is felt most intensely during the release of the bulb, not during the squeeze. This is important. It probably seems more logical but releasing the bulb fast causes the air to be sucked out of the cup very quickly. It will therefore also cause her vulva to be sucked quickly into the cup and if she is already at her limit, it can be painful. On the other side, squeezing the bulb slowly can cause the seal to break and the cup to fall off. “Squeeze fast. Release slow” is the golden rule.

Take it slow. Pussy pumping feels a lot more intense than you’d imagine. As you progress, it can feel as though the edges of the cup are really digging in. Always go slow.
The difference between one and two pumps can be the difference between pleasure and pain.
It takes time! Some people can get a really plump pussy within 30 minutes, others, an hour. You cannot rush it. Pussy pumps are wonderful but they can also be dangerous and extremely painful if rushed.

What does it feel like to use a Pussy Pump?

The first few sucks feel amazing. At this point you can feel the suction on your clitoris. As you progress you should be able to feel everything opening up and a tingling sensation. If you are looking for the swollen look you will need to push it further and at this point it is a pleasure/pain sensation. Take it slow at first and get used to the sensations and finding your own limits will help with how long you can hold the suction for. Again, pussy pumps are great. Everything becomes sensitive, visually appealing to some, helps with tightening and can help achieve an orgasm if you’ve been having trouble!

How long will it stay swollen?

The swelling is temporary and it will begin to subside pretty soon after you stop pumping. You will probably notice the majority of the swelling disappears within an hour or two and by the next day everything will have returned to normal.

Can pussy pumping cause damage?

Like anything, there is always a possibility if used incorrectly. Take it slow and listen to your lady and the chances of causing any damage are extremely slim. Do more research if this worries you or ask your doctor.