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Dildos! Where to start?

Choosing a dildo


Girth-the circumference of an toy- is the initial thing you should think about. If you’ve never owned a dildo before, a good way to know what girth will work for you is to consider how many hands you like and are comfortable with inside you. Within a store, you can hold your hands up to potential dildos to see what will work with your comfort/pleasure zone. If you don’t get access to a store and are doing your research online, just strategy your preferred finger amount with a tape strategy and then use the exact measurement to know what your very best dildo fit is!

Shape and Length

Condition is also very important to your experience with your dildo! Would you like a dildo specifically to excite your g-zone or prostate? Are you currently buying a reasonable dildo or something more/less phallic? There are many forms out there that you can explore!

Curved toys are ideal for g- and p-spot stimulation. Toys with any sort of brain or ball by the end are excellent for g-spot play, especially if they are quite firm. If considering an authentic dildo, a far more pronounced corona (the ridge between your brain and shaft), will also bring about increased g-spot stimulation. Textured toys put in a increased sense of fullness but may be too powerful for anal play, specifically for a first time customer, so keep that at heart. For all those buying a non-realistic toy, there are several fun options. Some playthings are phallic, while others are made to look like hands or are totally organic and natural in shape.

Length is vital too. Do you prefer deeper penetration, or are you looking for something just a little less intense? Remember that a too-long toy doesn’t need to be inserted completely in, but a too-short toy won’t get any more, so when contemplating length, err on the side of too much time.


Dildos are also available in a lot of materials. Silicone is a superb first dildo materials as it is not hard to sterilize, so that it is great for use with a partner or between lovers! Additionally it is soft and more life-like than a great many other materials.

If you’re looking for something a little more firm, glass, acrylic, and stainless are all great options. They work especially well for folks looking to explore the world of female ejaculation, as the harder playthings add extra g-spot arousal. Also, they are easy to clean and sterilize and tend to be more ornamental than silicon dildos!


Though traditional dildos don’t vibrate, some come with a place to insert a bullet vibe for extra oomph! Consider whether this is something you may want and recognize that, because it gets the vibrating feature, you don’t have to use it every time.

Where/How WILL YOU Use It?

If you’re ever going to use your dildo anally, make sure they have a wide bottom (also called a flange) such that it doesn’t get sucked up into the rectum, leading to an awkward visit to the ER. A base is also important if you intend to use your dildo with a funnel, as it contains the toy in the harness, making penetration possible. Remember that whenever a toy is placed into a funnel, a tiny amount of the dildo’s size (about an in . . 5 to a complete inch) will be taken up by the funnel and for that reason can’t be utilized to penetrate.

Much like dildos, there are several things to consider when choosing a funnel: materials, style and size. Strap style harnesses – each one or two strap – offer lots of control and access to the wearer’s genitals during play. Quick style harnesses look and feel similar to underwear and are incredibly comfortable, nevertheless they also limit genital gain access to. Thigh and hands funnel offer another option to the people who don’t want to wear a harness around their hips.


Color is the last thing you want to consider when you pick out your first dildo. Would you like a flesh-toned dildo, or a glowing purple one? Would you prefer one that suits the overall color structure of the others of your sex toys, or the one which is somewhat more untamed? Silly as it may seem, color gets the potential to carefully turn you on or off and there are so many possibilities out there – green, inexperienced, sparkly, rainbow, black – so be sure to choose whatever color feels sexiest for you


One final thing to consider: lube makes play fun, sexy, and slippery. As silicone lube often bonds to silicone toys and ruins them, we recommend a good water-based or cross lube if you decide on a silicon dildo. For other materials (a glass, stainless, acrylic), you can go untamed with whatever lube your center (and genitals) desire!

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