Cheap Thrills #07


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Brad McGuire Fucks Danny BlueWhat can I say about Brad McGuire that hasn’t already been said a million times before? He’s without doubt one of the primo studs of his generation. He’s universally lionized as a nasty, verbal, rough and tough hombre who loves pounding that fat uncut shaft of his into any and all sub-men. He knows how to deep-dick a dude until the victim is whimpering and begging for that thick load. Here’s my only problem with Brad McGuire: he doesn’t bottom, and with a fat beautiful bouncin’ booty like his, it’s impossible not to want to bury your tongue and your cock deep inside him.Jake Austin Takes Ty Roberts’ SeedIn this new scene you have two big ol’ puppies fucking. With his big schlong, there’s no doubt that Ty Roberts is the top. And god knows he uses that thing like a fucking weapon, he’ll grin an evil grin and ram it in like a pile-driver, making Texas farm boy Jake Austin scream with pain and pleasure. The sex is rough and tumble, sweaty and slick, and spermy. For young men like this, sex is sport and competition-winner take all.Derek And The FucktardThe Fucktard brings out the animal in whoever fucks him. There’s something about that fucked-up lost-boy hopelessness that makes every man want to fuck him so rough it borders on insane. You know The Fucktard wants it hard; you know The Fucktard is hungry to be hurt. And in this session, shot in a cheap motel, Derek Anthony is happy to oblige, pumping his enormous daddy-dick deep-deep-deep into The Fucktard’s guts and depositing a thick messy load.Jack Allen Fucks SethFucking can be about almost anything: it can be about power or submission; it can be about raging hormones and a rutting drive to shoot a load. In this scene, the fucking is about two men, Jack and Seth, communing and connecting in a profound way. It’s rare for something like this to be captured on film, but here it is, and if you watch carefully you’ll feel the moment-by-moment intimate communication. This one is very special indeed.


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