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Connubial Unisex Previous medical research studies have found genders produce sex pheromones, but new research has discovered these pheromones trigger something in our subconscious. Researchers found we are able to sniff out the gender of the sex we’re attracted to.During tests, not only did men recognise the smell of women, but gay men were equally able to distinguish the sex smell of men, too. Lead researcher Wen Zhou from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said: ‘Our findings argue for the existence of human sex pheromones.   ‘They show that the nose can sniff out gender from body secretions even when we don’t think we smell anything on the conscious level.’The researchers found homosexual males responded to gender pheromones more like heterosexual females did.Bisexual or homosexual female responses to the same scents fell somewhere in between those of heterosexual males and females. Wen Zhou said: ‘The results provide the first direct evidence that the two human steroids communicate opposite gender information that is differentially effective to the two sex groups based on their sexual orientation.’Moreover, they demonstrate that human visual gender perception draws on subconscious chemosensory biological cues, an effect that has been hitherto unsuspected.’Connubial Unisex Pheromones are designed to attract male, female, bisexual, lesbian and homosexual persons with their unique blend.Make you more sexually attractiveMore smiles and eye contact from the opposite sexBoost your self-confidenceEncourage the opposite sex to talk to youPut the opposite sex at easeProvide a spark for you current relationshipMore dates and more sexThis product is sold as a novelty only 


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