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Cum Pumping PapisGet your ass ready, because Lucas Entertainment’s Cum-Pumping Papis are about to unload their balls! Zander Craze gives himself over to the sexual whims of Klein Kerr, who does not take it easy on Zander’s hole; Nico Deen receives an all-inclusive introduction from the raw uncut cock of Dario Leon; Derek Allan flip-fucks with the handsome and horny Logan Rogue; and Cuban porn king Rafael Carreras takes ownership of Massimo Piano with his massive uncut cock. Can you handle all of these Cum-Pumping Papis?During production in Greece, Zander certainly spent his time on set well. Here he’s paired up with broodingly handsome Klein – and when Klein fucks he takes control of the situation. Zander isn’t a man to say no to the raw cock of a handsome top, and here you’ll see him swallow and ride Klein in an incredibly hot bareback encounter.Nico might be a hair taller than Dario , but his physical stature doesn’t indicate his sexual desires. The handsome (and very hell hung) Dario is a total top, and Nico has an intense sexual desire to hand over his mouth and butt to an alpha-male. So that’s exactly what went down – Nico got what he was looking for, and Dario was more than happy to provide Nico with the raw dominant dick his ass has been puckering up for.It’s pornographic magic when Derek and Logan come (and cum) together. Derek is adorable: his bright sweet smile complement the overall package of the man. He’s someone you’d love to get in bed and throw around. Logan is known for his beautiful Scandinavian features, so when these two get very close and very personal it’s a beautiful sight. The melding of their skin tones alone will get your dick dripping.Massimo is versatile in the sack, and sometimes he wants total service in the back door. He and Rafael hit it off on set, and we all know that Rafael has superior skill in the art of topping. So wish granted, Massimo. You want to hand your ass over completely and get fucked? Good, because Rafael is the man for the job.


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