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Lucky 7s Bar Dice GameThe Lucky 7 Bar Dice game is a great way to get your next bachelorette party or bachelor party drinking started!! The game can be played at both home, in a bar, or anywhere you might wanna get the evening going. The game is designed to be played with 3 to 20 players, each game comes with 3 Dice that have various symbols – pictures of different drinks, a Bell, the BAR sign, and the lucky #7. How to Play: Players take turns in rolling the dice, if they match two of the symbols, assign 2 drinks to 1 player, and if three of the same symbols end up all other players take 3 drinks. If it lands with 2 Bells, you get to assign a new rule, and with 3 Bells you get to modify all the rules. If the lucky #7 is on two dice rolled, spread 7 drinks among the other players, and if you roll all 3 Lucky 7’s, you Win and all the other players have to drink. A great way to have some fun at the next bachelor or bachelorette party. Please Drink Responsibly and Don’t Drink and Drive!!!


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