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OVO T1 Lay-on Massager¬†The OVO T1 Lay-On Massager has a rounded and feminine shape. It may resemble a computer mouse, but when you click on this massager’s button you’ll open a window to intense sensations that beat any computer game. The dynamic and modern styling on the OVO T1 in matte white and violet allows it to cup in the palm of your hand and even has a finger cavity for better control. The fully integrated, intense vibrations of the OVO T1 are made possible by a powerful motor that is whisper quiet. ¬†Cycle through the five programs of vibrations that range in pattern and duration until you find the one that fits your mood. This lay-on massager is composed of lead and phthalate-free, 100% body safe materials that have a silky-smooth feeling. The hard surface of the T1 Lay-On works to transfer maximum vibrations to your most sensitive areas. Use the massager on any part of your body where you want to feel deliciously erotic sensations. Try running your lay-on massager across your nipples, clitoris or your partner’s scrotum. Use it by yourself or add it to enhance your foreplay. Use with a water based massage oil or lubricant for added sensations. This massager is waterproof so you can enjoy its sweet vibrations in the shower too.

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