SONO No. 19 Dong Extension


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SONO No 19 Dong ExtensionAre you looking for just a couple of inches more in the most comfortable way possible but are you also a fan of backdoor pleasure? Then this is exactly what you need! The sleeve is designed to extend your penis by 35 mm. The sleeve is shaped to give optimal stimulation and because of the ball strap it will stay in place. Even your best moves won’t make it come off! The Sleeve also features an attached butt plug. Because of its texture and form it’s easy to insert. It is recommended to use a little lubrication (by PharmQuests). The slightly curved tip will gently massage your p-spot and its detailed base will give you some great stimulation. The sleeve is created from the best quality soft TPE and available in the colours black, grey and transparent.Specifications:- Material: Soft TPE- Waterproof: Yes- Phthalate free: Yes- Total Length Toy: 341mm- Total Length Sleeve: 251mm- Insertable Length Sleeve 191mm- Sleeve Circumference: 52mm- Ball Strap Circumference: 57mm- Distance Buttplug and Sleeve: 90mm- Buttplug Height: 81mm- Buttplug Circumference: 25

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